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Perhaps you wanted to come to this incredible internet marketing seminar, but life, health, finances, a "job", or something else kept you away...

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Well, hang on! You're about to discover not one, but TWO different ways you can get the absolute best these Internet Marketers have to share!

A select group of people will join us for an historic webcast that will present on a platter the ONE SINGLE SECRET every marketing expert at WORLD INTERNET SUMMIT has for virtually guaranteeing the success of any startup business. And they’ll do it LIVE in front of a 100-strong, $1,697-a-seat audience.

Will you be there?

Hi, I’m the one they picked out of the audience – the winner of the incredible "Internet Challenge"! Though it was what I was hoping for with all my life, nobody could have been more surprised than me when they called me up on stage...Helped me brainstorm and create a product, do deals, build a website, hook it up with AutoPilotRiches.com, and actually start making money!

Winner’s Name

“Hey, and me?! Well, once again I've plucked a lucky person from the crowd and helped them create a website live, on the spot. And now we've gat an offer TOO GOOD to refuse!”

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"It doesn't matter whether you're young or old, black or white, man or woman, these opportunities are available to everyone." - Los Angeles Times

Is it really that easy? Can you really set up a website and start making money inside of 3 hours?

Well, I wouldn't have believed it myself, but you're looking at the proof that they did it... I'll tell you more, I promise, as I'll be one of the featured guests on the incredible super webcast I'm inviting you to, featuring the speakers of this incredible bootcamp!

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YOU can share in this historic event, from your home!

LIVE WEBCAST Broadcast From The Stage Of The...
 World Internet
Summit UK

Here’s what will happen on this call: Each speaker will be sharing their succinct answer to the simple but powerfully important question...

"You have £250 to spend on marketing a new Internet business...
What will you do to bring in some decent money TODAY?!"

Can you afford to miss it? You’d normally never get the chance to hear all these experts in one place.

I'm talking about a LIVE Tele-Webcast you can tune into THIS SUNDAY (time is of the essence) with ALL of the celebrity speakers on the call!

Each expert has a full 5 minutes to jam your head full of their own personal secrets! The value of this concentrated juice is easily worth the entire price of the seminar itself!

Here's the vital stats... Mark your daytimer NOW!


Guests: The World's Top-Gun Internet Marketers


"Good afternoon, UK..."

UK - Sunday 31 October 2004
2pm - UK Time

"Good morning, USA..." (Remember, you can listen in to the archived version if you're not awake this early on Sunday morning!)

USA - Sunday 31 October 2004
6am - Pacific Time
7am - Mountain Time
8am - Central Time
9am - Eastern Time

"Good evening, Australia!..."

AUSTRALIA - Sunday 31 October 2004
10pm  - Western Australia

AUSTRALIA - Monday 1 November 2004
0:30am - South Australia & Northern Territory
1:00am - NSW, Victoria, Queensland & Tasmania

"And, welcome, all points between..."

Your time to Tune in?
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I promised you two different ways to get the goods on this call, but I'll deliver THREE!

1.    Webcast - just point your browser to the special URL you'll receive immediately upon registration, and listen in with your computer!

2.    Dial-in number if you'd rather dial in using your phone. You'll recieve number immediately upon registration.

3.   The call will also be archived - Secret site revealed immediately after registration - you can listen in at your convenience, even if you can't make it to the call live!

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Learn From The BEST!

Who's likely to show up?! Well, here's the celebrity speaker line-up!

  • Ted Ciuba - America’s Foremost Internet Marketing Consultant

  • Alan Forrest Smith - The UK's #1 Website Copywriter

  • Guy Levine - The "Youngster" Who's Put It Together Overnight!

  • Brett McFall - Australia’s Top Ad-Writer

  • Tom Hua – The Webmaster From Shanghai, China

  • Armand Morin - The man who – above all others – has simplified the process of leaping from scratch to a thriving Internet business

  • Frank Garon - Ordinary Guy Who Started At Scratch And Developed A Worldwide Income

  • Kirt Christensen - The Internet Whiz Kid

  • David Cavanagh - Presenting The World's Top E-Commerce System, AutoPilotRiches.com

  • Paul Colligan - FrontPage Expert, Consultant To Microsoft

  • Jennie Armato – The Rebel Aussie Business Woman

  • Mike Stewart - The Internet Audio & Video Guy

  • Sean Roach – The Access Man


Broadcasting live, each speaker on the webcast is revealing their BIGGEST, most powerful secrets to crank up your Internet Marketing machine from scratch immediately with only £250 ($500 USD)!

These are the JEWELS to a HUGE instant Internet income.

Concentrated income advice, like light through the magnifying glass.

Every single word about YOU getting RICH on the Internet. PLUS you'll get an update on the brash World Internet Summit boast...

"Give Me A Willing Person, Loan Me A Laptop Computer With An Internet Connection, And Within 72 Hours That Person Will Have A Product, A Website, and Money In The Bank! PLUS A System To Make That Money Over and Over Again For Life!"

You'll be amazed!

Your Meager Investment

A mere $29.95

You heard it right! You can tune into the best the Internet Marketing world has to offer - live, while they're flying at their top-gun fever pitch! - for a mere $29.95

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Guarantee: You're 100% protected. If, after listening to the call (live or the archived recording) you don't feel that you got a minimum of TEN TIMES your money's worth, we'll cheerfully credit you back.

Bonuses, Bonuses, Bonuses!

That's right, with your small $29.95 purchase you get 6 powerful free bonuses, worth $736.95!

1. FREE BONUS #! - “How Someone With No Online Experience Can Make $11,431… In As Little As 72 Hours On The Internet This amazing audio tells the story - in their own words - how not one, not two, but how five Internet startups propelled from zero to thousands of dollars monthly on the Internet! Value $47

2. FREE BONUS #2 - The Lost "Armand Morin" Tapes - this is a precious 2 hour interview that was lost and then found with one of the Net's top Marketers - sharing and showing what it really takes to succeed on the Internet... And unless you've heard this tape, you're probably wrong! Value $199

3. FREE BONUS #3 - The Amazingly True Story of How One Simple Sales Letter Pulled 33% Response Catch Alan Forrest Smith, the UK’s Greatest Sales Copywriter as he breaks down a sales letter that brought in an amazing 33% response. Apply the concepts you discover in this ebook and make an 25% in sales for NO effort! Value $77.

4. FREE BONUS #4 - FrontPage Cart Companion - makes adding AutoPilotRiches.com product links to your web pages a snap! Value $97

5. FREE BONUS #5 - Think and Grow Rich - you get a free copy of the greatest success classic ever written, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Millionaires swear by it! it can change your life, too! Value $19.95

6. FREE BONUS #6 - Lifetime Duplication Rights To... Subconscious Selling - Slipping In Under The Radar Screen by Ted Ciuba & Frank Garon. Give it away or sell it! You make money either way! Value $297

With all this, how could you go wrong?!

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Winner’s Name

P.S. This is a reminder -  If you can't listen in live, either on the webcast or on the teleconference line, you can listen to it at your convenience on the Internet via a secret website! One enrollment gets you both options!

P.P.S. Don't hesitate! This is a live event - never to be repeated - and you can catch the very best of it with us for a mere $29.95

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