How To Recommend World Internet Summit
To Others And Make A Profit

This is what's called our...
Basic Affiliate Program
(Open to everyone)

What happens here is that we will pay you (10% of the ticket price) for every attendee you refer to our event. Not bad, right? And there's no cost to you  ... no quota to sell ... it's not multi-level marketing or anything like that. We even give you marketing messages to send (so there's very little thinking for you to do).

Just refer people to us, and if they buy a ticket using your link (which we give you and is exclusively yours), then 3 weeks after the event, we'll send you your sales! And of course, you can check on your sales 24 hours a day via our secure website ... PLUS ... you'll receive an email as soon as sales are made. Simple as that.

Just click on the link below to "sign up" and all the instructions you need will be emailed to you.

Sign Up

Please Note - If you don't receive a welcome email message within 24 hours after you sign up, then you might already have an affiliate account with us as the result of your previous applications. In this case, please click here to retrieve your log in info. If you still have problems, please email us.

This link below is for you to use AFTER you register, so that you can track your sales.
All explained in the email you receive after sign up.

Affiliate Log In


How To Make A Higher Commission ...
40% of the ticket price!

This is what's called our...
Preferred Affiliate Program
(Open only to registrants of the event and personally invited JV partners)

For each full price ticket sale, you make 40%!

This gives you the opportunity to pay for your ticket many times over BEFORE you even get here. Refer as many people as you want, and we'll pay you 40% commission on each one

How can you lose?

If you have registered your ticket for the World Internet Summit then you are entitled to the Preferred Affiliate Commission Rates (40% instead of 10%). So if you've already register to attend WORLD INTERNET SUMMIT 2006, simply sign up with our affiliate program from the links above then drop us a line at with your affiliate ID and email address that you used for your ticket registration, we will then increase your affiliate rate within 24 hours.


In an effort of  protecting our affiliates, Self-referring is strictly prohibited. Our system will scan the IP addresses, personal details of the referrer and the referee. Should self-referring be discovered, the commission in question will be removed without notice. Click Here to read our Affiliate Program Agreement.

Any questions or problems, please email us!



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