World Internet Summit 2014, AUS
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You know, there are experts travelling from all parts of the world to be with you and re- veal internet marketing secrets that have never been made public before.

The speakers and experts will reveal everything they've done to make their fortunes, which makes it a pretty smart place to be, true?

Now be sure to go through all of the links above and become familiar with all of the de- tails of the event.

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Brett Mc Fall & Tom Hua.

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World Internet Summit 2014, AUS
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World Internet Summit 2014, AUS


Feb 20- 23, 2014
Thursday Feb 20
Registrations 8.30 am,
Event Starts 10 am
Friday Feb 21
Saturday Feb 22
Sunday Feb 23


We run a full schedule so plan on being here for the full 4 days as we step by step you through the secrets that let you earn money online.


Amore Hotel Jamison Sydney

11 Jamison Street,
Sydney NSW 2000,

T: 61 2 9696 2500
F: 61 2 9696 2600


Accommodation rate:

$260.00 room only
$285.00 room and breakfast for one.

To get the special accomodation rates please email or call the hotel directly and Quote A-WIS2014

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Note: The above special event rates are subject to availability, you may also be able to find cheaper rates on hotel discount websites such as or

Another reason to stay at the same hotel as the experts: By staying at the venue you'll be able to network more with fellow attendees, plus have the opportunity to meet up with the speakers where some real one-on-one time can be gained.


Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney has 80 car spaces, operated by Secure Parking 02 9252 6639.

- Day Rate: Entry prior to 6.30pm
Conference delegate rate: $30.00 per car, between the hours of 7am and 6.00pm.

Tickets must be validated by concierge and paid to Secure Parking directly.
For exit after 6.00pm, exit tickets must be purchased at reception to obtain a special rate of $40.00.

- Evening Rate: Entry after 6.30pm
A $30 evening rate applies payable directly to Secure Parking via their ticket machine.

- $50.00 per car for a 24 hour period.

*Parking prices are subject to change without notice. All parking is subject to availability.

Local Food

We have found at our events that a lot of attendee's like to "hang around" in the breaks, to spend time close to the JV table, networking with fellow attendees and of course asking the speakers those burning questions.

Due to this we have set up a cash kiosk, where you can buy tea, coffee and a light lunch during the day.

Promote Yourself In Our Joint Venture Club

Are you a webmaster, a copywriter? Do you have a product idea? A business that others could benefit from? Are you looking for joint venture partners? Want to lay out your multi-level pamphlets?

Whatever you've got (within reason of course!), bring it - you'll never find such hoards of people looking to do deals with you as you will here.

Are you looking for someone to do transcriptions? Affordable printing? A system to transfer money in your affiliate program without the laborious process of signing hundreds of cheques? Someone open to joint venturing with you in the nutritional field?

Whatever it is, you get the chance to show your stuff on our joint venture table, and examine what others have to offer.

World Internet Summit attracts all kinds of industry insiders looking for the next up-and-coming marketer. You could forge relationships that last a lifetime here.

PLEASE TAKE OUR ADVICE: We advise you to bring loads of business cards, at the minimum, because you'll find yourself networking non-stop. It doesn't matter what your personality is, in this environment, it'll come to YOU!

But you may want to bring a notebook sized flyer or even an entire sales letter (or webpage printed out with an order form attached) for the JV table.

But you may want to bring a notebook sized flyer or even an entire sales letter (or webpage printed out with an order form attached) for the JV table.


BE COMFORTABLE: The entire event will be a working session, with concentrated sessions and short breaks. You won't want to miss a thing. Of course, if you want to show off the latest fashion, we're cool with that too (better for photos! ;-)

Also, dress light, but bring a sweater or jacket so you can go up or down with whatever temperature you find. (We can only do so much with the temperature, and someone's always uncomfortable, so just dress accordingly.)

Our Affiliate Program

Now that you've registered, you qualify for an exclusive bonus that will actually help you attend this entire event without cost. You can now join our AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

What that means is, you'll be given a special link to the World Internet Summit website, that you can promote to your own database of customers.

When people visit our website through your link, and register to attend, you'll make up to 40% commission on the ticket price. Not a bad way to offset your investment, right?

Even if your contact list is small, remember -

*Everyone wants and needs to make money on the Internet*.

You'll find full instructions and some promotional materials you can use, but what works best is an honest expression of your enthusiasm with your affiliate link.


Cameras, tape recorders or any recording devices, whatsoever, are NOT permitted inside the seminar room and will be confiscated.

We do however make exceptions for those folks wanting to record interviews privately with speakers, with their permission of course. Just no recording the main event itself is allowed.

All Bonuses will be given to you at the event

These bonuses will all be made available at a special time during the event.
Note: If you do not attend all 4 days, you will not qualify for the bonuses.
This rule is very clear. To get the bonuses you MUST attend all 4 days of the seminar - no exceptions. These bonuses are quite serious business tools and require full explanation, which will be done LIVE on stage by the end of the seminar.

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To have a professional video sales letter like this would normally cost you US$5,000 at least ...and that's if you can find a copywriter good enough to handle it. But you'll be able to use a video sales letter - made personally for you by Brett McFall - which perfectly edu- cates your prospects to the value of these incredible DVDs that you can sell for US$485

So... in short, we give you the product AND we do the selling for you too. You really can't ask for a better start online.

You also get...

The World Internet VIP Card

You'll be allowed FREE admission to ANY World Internet Summit
anywhere on the globe... for a complete year
(including Australia, NZ and UK). Meaning you can "top up"
your knowledge as you earn over the coming 12 months.

PLUS you also get 7 more of your very own hot-selling products: A $997 Value

No one leaves the World Internet Summit without progress.

You will have 7 of new products to immediately sell online. Product licenses that put you in business instantly. A great way to mix and match bonuses to help sell the DVD's that we're already giving you a license for.

Congratulations... our gift to you
for registering for World Internet Summit.
The full recordings of World Internet MEGA Summit - recorded LIVE in Singapore.

Tom Hua

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