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  "Congratulations ... simply because you're checking out World Internet Summit USA through my brand new blog... I'm going to reward you if you're among the first 3 to register .. and then get your butt to Vegas baby!

That's right you can attend World Internet Summit in VEGAS and I'll help you out by giving you a price that is not available to the public (but be quick, it's for the first 3 people only)"


Tom Hua

Brett McFall

"You've just been to my NEW blog... so consider this:
What if Tom and I were to sit down with you
for a weekend ... create a simple internet business
that is run completely online for you ...  gave you
a website and a product ... and created between
$10,000 and $20,000 for you in the first 72 hours?"

We'd love YOU to be the next person
we gift $10,000-$20,000 to!

Then, what about if we handed you a CHECK with your name on it for the full amount before you left the venue?

What would you do with the money? Take the next 3 months off from your job? Pay off the credit card? Perhaps buy yourself a new car? Take yourself and the family on a 14 day holiday to Mexico ... or the Caribbean ... or Hawaii?

With this sort of money, you could ... couldn't you? How would that feel?

Dear Friend,

Get ready for something very special.

What you are about to read is ABSOLUTELY possible for you

Any person who attends our World Internet Summit, has the chance to have this happen to them. In front of a LIVE audience, we are going to PROVE that you can give up your day job and this year begin creating your own dream millionaire lifestyle with an amazing internet business.

How? By sitting down with you and making $10,000 to $20,000 in 72 hours in front of your eyes starting with NOTHING but an idea.


If it all seems like a mystery to you now, don't worry, after Sunday September 14, 2006, you will leave knowing how you could give up work for good.

For the past 3 years World Internet Summit has been selecting audience members out of the blue and giving them businesses on a platter. Why?

To prove that it can be done. See... often the biggest thing stopping us in life is BELIEF THAT IT CAN HAPPEN.

But when you see our demonstration first-hand, it all makes sense. You see it. You believe it. And the difference this will make to your future is HUGE. You'll be inspired to try our system ... and many others ... for yourself.

Here's our claim:

"Give Me A Willing Person...
Loan Me A Laptop Computer
With An Internet Connection ...
And Within 72 Hours That Person
Will Have A Product, A Website ...
And Money In The Bank - PLUS
A System To Make That Money
Over And Over Again FOR LIFE!"

In fact, here's proof that you could be taking home a lot of money... read what our recent lucky attendees have made:

Krissy - $28,340 in 72 Hours


Steinar - $34,866 in 72 HOURS


Michael - $32,346 in 72 HOURS


Thomas - $24,921 in 72 HOURS


Carlo - $19,953 in 72 HOURS


Simon - $32,130 in 72 HOURS

And you, if you attend World Internet Summit USA on September 14-17 in Las Vegas, are going to go through the same incredible experience that these people did - in fact you might even be the person we select from the audience and give a web-business to.

How do we do it?

Well even though we are surrounded by all the latest fads and trends on the internet for making money (there seems to be some new internet money-making scheme showing up every 2 weeks, doesn't there?), we use a marketing secret that has been proven over and over again.

A marketing secret which worked BEFORE the internet ... will work AFTER the internet ... and which will work no matter what the communication medium. In fact, mainstream media use this marketing secret all the time. You see it in in use on TV ... in newspapers ... magazines - EVERYWHERE.

And YOU can use it any day of the week - you don't need any money, nor even a product!

And we'll reveal it in full September 14-17, 2006 in Las Vegas.

Isn't this exciting?

Can you imagine if you were one of the people featured above? If YOURS was the name we drew from the hat and invited up on stage?

If YOU were the one we were handing this CHECK to? What if this check to the left had your name on it? All because of the internet and some marketing secrets we'll fully reveal.

How will you feel when you see the orders come rolling in LIVE on stage? Will you sit there stunned like most people are? $10,000-$20,000 (maybe even more) is a fairly big chunk of money for most Americans. Wouldn't it be great to earn it in a weekend?

Wouldn't you finally like to break free of the rat-race and stop being chained to your 9 to 5 job? Wouldn't this sort of payday end all that?

How would this change your life?

WHAT'S MORE... what could you do with the website afterwards? Could you sell it on E-bay? YES! (it's a fully working business after all)

Could you keep selling products to your new database of prospects and customers? YES! (just send them an email with a new offer)

Could you ask them what else they'd like to buy? YES! (your customers will TELL you want they want you to sell them)

So the real earnings don't stop after the seminar does.



The bottomline is, any person can do this ...
at the click of a button ... once they know how.

Question is: Do YOU?

And if you don't, then you need to take a seat at this special weekend.

When was the last time you made $20,000 in a weekend? That's what we're committed to showing you at:

World Internet Summit USA
September 14-17, 2006
Las Vegas, Nevada

This is where you'll see World Internet Summit USA - Green Valley Ranch, Las Vegas!


I am fired with enthusiasm and so inspired, what a wealth of knowledge and expertise under one roof – wow! I just can’t wait to get back home to put it all into practise and start on the path to riches. Thank you all so much.


This has been the best conference I have been to yet and I wouldn’t have missed it. The content has been exceptional and even though I have information overload I KNOW I will start making some money very soon.


"I came here 4 days ago and didn’t have a clue about computers never mind internet marketing and I have left feeling like a whizkid - thank you so much."


"Thanks for giving me tools to take me from a “newbie” to a “webbie”


"The intensity of the message they have to give is amazing. But the way they divide it into bite size makes it easy and doable."



Tom and I run these seminar all over the world. Our busy schedules have us appearing in Asia, the Middle East, Australia, the UK and yes, here in the USA. But only once a year. We don't expect to be able to show you again until September 2007. That's a whole year away.

So if you want to start making this money soon, then NOW is the time to come.

The incredible lifestyle that
awaits you is like none other.

We'll show you how you can literally run this business from ANYWHERE in the world you choose to live.

You could be on the beach in Hawaii with your family and earn more money than when you were at home ... making money while you kick back in Fiji (sipping cocktails by the pool as you check your email for new orders) ... you could be skiing in Switzerland and check your sales in between runs ... hiking in the Rocky Mountains and still be able to run your business from your backpack.

Would this be a nice change from your current life?

These are the kinds of experiences
that make life worthwhile, aren't they?

Would you like the chance to sit down with us and find out how to make some serious money really, really quickly?

Would you like us to set up one of these amazing new internet businesses so you can make money while you sleep?

Would you like to see "behind the scenes" of how we do it ... with EVERY step revealed?

To show you starting from scratch …  with NO WEBSITENO PRODUCTSNO CUSTOMERS how to use this marketing secret and make sales of between $10,000 and $20,000 DOLLARS in the first 72 HOURS? (maybe even more)

Would you like to take home a FULL COPY of this astonishing system so you can make your living from this once you’ve proved it at home for yourself ?

We hope you do, because once you know how,
you will have unlocked the secret to your wealthy future

We can promise you that on afternoon of Sunday September 17, you’ll walk out of the seminar room absolutely sure that you have something in your hands which will enable you to give up work forever and lead the kind of life you’ve always wanted.


But what if it's someone else who is picked to do this live demonstration instead of you? Well it's actually not a problem. Why?

Because as an audience member, you will SEE every single step performed LIVE on stage. This is the equivalent of seeing behind the magician's curtain. So EVERYONE gets the benefit of this exercise. And this knowledge truly is power.

Just copy what we do for your own product or service!

In fact, the most important thing of all is...

The system for making the money - not the money itself.

Because it's the system which you can plug in when you get home.

What’s happening between September 14 and September 17 in Las Vegas is probably the most important few days you’ll ever spend anywhere.


Let us now tell you what you can ALSO expect to
learn over this amazing weekend in September

Step by step HOW to create your own web-page from scratch (remember this statement ... "piece of cake" ... that's how simple this demonstration makes it)

How to choose the right PRODUCTS to sell on the internet (get this wrong and you could lose a ton of money) - see actual proof and income statements from those who are doing it already

The insiders secrets for how to take a conventional OFFLINE business (that is, your regular real-world business) and put it on the internet

How to sell BOTH physical products ... AND ... information products on the internet (yes, there's a difference in how you do it - we'll show you the right way so you have the best chance of success)

How to open up NEW MARKETS overseas (ever wanted to have your own "international" business? Well you certainly don't have to move overseas in order to do it - you can run it all from here)

How to create simple INFORMATION PRODUCTS that sell on easily-designed websites - PLUS how to be 99% certain you'll make money from Day 1

How to find FREE Public Domain products (which means products you have take and use without paying a cent) and sell them for profit

How to dramatically improve your current website results ... whether you're trying to build a bigger database of prospects or sell more online - OR BOTH 

What to WRITE on your webpage to increase response by up 300% (in fact, you can increase your response by more than that - THIS is being conservative)

The simple copywriting formula that you MUST follow if you want to sell a lot of product or services from your website (this formula took over 7 years to hone down ... but now you can use it to turbo-charge your websites in a matter of minutes) ... THIS TRULY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SKILL YOU NEED FOR SELLING ONLINE - knowing how to write the words people read

Where to find HOT MARKETS before you even create a product (this is like getting the clues to solving "Rubic's Cube" before you even start - and could be well worth the entire weekend on it's own)

Which PRODUCTS sell like hotcakes on the internet and which fizzle like a matchstick

How to get FOUND on search engines first (while your competitors struggle)... and without it costing you a cent

How to AUTOMATE 90% of your internet business so that it runs on virtual auto-pilot (yes, it's true, the internet can take over most of the tasks of "staff" - except you don't have to pay superannuation, holidays, sick-pack etc)

How to TAKE ORDERS over the internet (no, it's not just for the big companies. You can ... while sitting at home ... take orders from all over the world - even while you sleep)

How to PROCESS MONEY over the internet in as little as 5 minutes from now (even if you've never done it before, and even if you don't have a "merchant account" ... these are the facilities that banks used to make you jump through hoops for - NOT ANY MORE, you're back in control)

The best way to DELIVER your product (protect yourself from people who try to steal your product from under your nose - protecting yourself is simple and it's secure)

YES ... you'll walk away KNOWING this
and so much more ... like:

How to make good money by selling OTHER PEOPLE'S products on the internet (it's a fact that you don't have to have your own product to have a business online - we'll show you how affiliate programs work and more)

How to make money on the internet with NO list (database) ... NO product ... NO recognition ... and very little cash flow - and still make an income that could replace your day job

How to get ringing ENDORSEMENTS from experts who at this moment don't even know you exist - don't worry, that can all change after you leave this event (and know this - ENDORSEMENTS from noted experts can send your sales soaring - so it's a worthwhile secret to know)

How to go from virtual "unknown" to virtual "superstar" entrepreneur in as little as 12 months

How to add audio and VIDEO to your websites to increase your sales even more (yes, even beginners can now appear high-tech ... follow these tips and it's simpler than it's ever been)

How to JOINT-VENTURE with other people for HUGE profits and desperately LOW costs

How to charge HIGHER prices than everyone else ... yet still pull in MORE sales

THE TRUTH REVEALED - which software you absolutely need ... and which software you should avoid like the plague

What AFFILIATE programs are and HOW to use them to make passive income (which is the best income of all, right? Make money passively while you do whatever you want)

How to make money from a product that others PAY YOU to help create - so that your product is totally self-funded from the beginning (this sounds bizarre - but understand ... THIS weekend is full of uncommon wisdom and you'll hear remarkable story and remarkable story - and every one of them is true)

Now do these sound like the kind of secrets you need to know?

Well not only will Tom and I be showing you how to do all of this, but we've lined up a NEW team of experts to reveal the latest tips and tricks you need to know too.

Why? So that you can walk out of this event with more strategies than you know what to deal with. Why wait 4 or 5 years to learn this stuff, when you can get it all in one weekend?

Here's who will be coaching you on their specific way
to run a profitable internet business:

Rich Schefren

Rich currently coaches many of today’s most well known and most respected top Internet gurus and service providers on streamlining their businesses while exploding their profits. He’s partnered with Jay Abraham, John Carlton, Jeff Paul, Stephen Pierce, Yanik Silver, and Alex Mandossian.

If you haven’t discovered Rich’s real world business building strategies, you’re certainly working way too hard in your business, yet only making a fraction of the income you should. He recently sold $960,000 in 2 hours and 14 minutes and is the man behind the amazing excitement created by the "Internet Business Manifesto."

He’s been profiled on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Entertainment Tonight, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, The Daily News, The New York Post and many others - so you know you're meeting a true pro.



Marc’s breakthrough “PR Traffic” is the first and most widely used Web PR Home Study Course in the world today. His tested, “under the radar” traffic methods, have earned him the nickname “Traffic MacGyver.”

Want the real story on Web PR? Marc has trained everyone from the “no tech skills crowd” to some of the top Internet marketers on Web PR.

At last, you’ll discover ALL of the following:

  • A 7-step formula for crafting winning press releases from scratch

  • Marc's secret vault of proven “hooks and angles” to jumpstart any release

  • How to avoid  “Kiss of Death” mistakes even the PR experts make

  • 5 key advantages Web PR offers over both online and offline marketing

  • How to reel-in prospect, customer, and media traffic for weeks, months, even years on autopilot

Want the easiest, fastest and most economical method of generating relevant web site traffic? Don’t miss this interactive, experiential session. (Hint: bring your brain!)



Michael Cheney is a British marketer who's been online since 1995. He has appeared on CNBC television across Europe and been featured in national publications in the UK as well as being a speaker at teleseminars and conferences the world over. His areas of expertise include list building, product creation / launching and AdSense. During the launch of he made $250,260 in just 7 days achieving an Alexa ranking on launch day of 351!

Out of nowhere, Sterling Valentine shocked the online world in 2006 when he boldly proclaimed he would create his first info-product and make $100,000 in only 90 days. Starting with no list, no partners and no product, Sterling's "JV Formula" broke the six-figure mark in 92 days - at one point even generating more traffic in one 24-hour period than the White House's website!

Sterling Valentine and Michael Cheney have combined their experiences to produce a unique 'route-map' to product creation and product launch success. In their presentation they'll show you some of the exact methods they used to generate over $390,000 in the space of just a few days!

Here's just a taster of what you will discover:

  • How to laser-target lucrative niche markets and easily create the RIGHT type of product, at the RIGHT price, that sells like mad

  • How to search out super-productive Super Affiliates and sign up super-selling Joint Venture partners

  • How to create extreme excitement, magical momentum and profit-pulling power for your product!

  • How to create a streamlined strategy for a stress-free, straightforward product launch

  • How to tame technology and power-up not power-down your product launch

  • How to produce payment-process perfection and friction-free fulfilment

  • How to plan the perfect product launch with pinpoint precision

  • How to master the magic method of making momentum that multiplies

  • How to survive post-live panic, problem pile-ups and Post Launchmatic Stress Disorder

  • How to turn your product launch into a perpetual profit-pulling machine using powerful post-launch processes



Dave Taylor has been involved with the Internet since 1980 and is widely recognized as an expert on both technical and business issues. He has been published over a thousand times, launched four Internet-related startup companies, has written twenty business and technical books and holds both an MBA and MS Ed.

Dave is a top-rated public speaker, sought after conference and workshop keynote speaker and participant and frequent guest on radio and podcast programs.

To really appreciate how creating and maintaining a weblog can help explode your business, whether you're offering a service or product, you need to understand the new face of online business and recognize that you can't apply tactics unless you have a strategy to start out with.

In this popular presentation, business expert and 25-year Internet veteran Dave Taylor will explore and explain all of the following, in an entertaining and compelling fashion:

  • Findability

  • Thought Leaders and Influencers

  • Why home pages are obsolete

  • The importance of fresh, unique content

  • Having fun with your business

  • Retaining some semblance of a life as an entrepreneur

  • Blogging as a tool

  • Dangers and Blogging mistakes

  • Blogging best practices, for best results

      ... and lots of cool live demos and examples too



At every World Internet Summit event, one lucky participant is chosen to experience the power of online marketing and money-making. Time after time, Brett and Tom have showed live on stage, right before your eyes, how to make thousands and thousands of dollars in just 72 hrs! How do they do it every time without fail?

Martin’s going to show you when he exposes all

Get behind-the-scenes of the AUTOMATED system that makes it all simple, easy and fast.  Make better use of your time, money and energy when you leverage an automated, turnkey solution. In Las Vegas, you’ll personally see and hear Martin demonstrate how to:

  • Get the exact same All-in-One System solution that the world’s leading internet entrepreneurs use every single day to make tons of cash over and over again

  • Launch your own web sites to be part of the $1 Billion in products and services already sold online through this all-inclusive emarketing solution

  • Build your own List quickly with effective and proven Opt-In tools & tactics

  • Have your Ecommerce web site up and collecting cash in less than 45 minutes!

  • Ensure your site visitors trust you and make their purchases with a totally secure online shopping cart, even while you play or sleep – from anywhere in the world!

  • Explode your sales with branded, customized Order Forms and Upsell Offers

  • Multiply your money-making ability with a powerfully Affiliate Program from day one by having others sell your stuff for you – without hiring salespeople

  • Get FREE, live technical support from experienced, knowledgeable experts

  • Access complimentary online training with the latest, insider info online

Martin is a respected author, columnist, talk-radio and TV personality. Martin’s the former host of the Entrepreneur Magazine E-Biz Show and Customer Catcher Radio, in addition to Business Break television.


Mark Widawer

Mark Widawer is an Internet Marketer, Traffic Conversion specialist, Google Adwords Qualified Professional, and successful ebook author.

Mark is best known for his best-selling ebook, the Landing Page Cash Machine, which brings the mystery of website sales and traffic conversion to the masses. Guiding Mark's efforts is his business ideology, which simply stated is:

Making money on the internet should be easy and the education to learn how to do that should be affordable and worth far more than it costs. Given the right information and some basic resources, almost anyone should be able to earn extra revenue, make a living, or even get rich by pursuing their passions on the Internet.”

Mark has been working on the internet and with electronic commerce since 1995, built his first websites in 1997, and ran his first pay-per-click marketing campaigns in 2003.

Mark became incredibly successful at creating a system for running Pay Per Click campaigns that focuses on predictive keyword creation, compelling ad copy, effective landing pages, and extreme and constant measurement and testing.

Perry Marshall, Alex Mandossian and David Garfinkel all refer Traffic Conversion and PPC clients to Mark.



Have you read those stories about entrepreneurs who make millions... only to LOSE EVERYTHING... and then make it right back?  How do they do that?  You're about to find out. 

Rick Raddatz, was a multi-millionaire at age 28.  But by age 32 (many people don't know this) he had LOST EVERYTHING in a single year through the PERFECT FINANCIAL STORM of a divorce, the tech-stock crash, and a $200,000 tax error (not in his favor).  Rick found himself not only broke - but over $100,000 in debt.  

Now at age 38, he has a thriving internet company, a net worth over $10 Million, and a million-dollar vacation home in Breckenridge Colorado where he now spends most of his time.  How did he do all this?  He did it just like you can -- he started his comeback in his basement, with an idea, and the guts to buy a ticket to an internet marketing seminar on his last credit card. 

Hear Rick's inspirational story at World Internet Summit USA to learn what he knows about closing sales via the web using the power of audio and video.  You'll discover how Rick builds opt-in forms that net 35% to 52% opt-in rates with ease, and how you can do it too. Rick knows how to TRIPLE your conversion with audio and video.



Gaining a fast reputation as Asia's number #1 Marketing Wizard, Jo Han Mok is the
co-author of the #1 International Business Bestseller,  'The E-Code'.

Starting out from his tiny bedroom in Boston, he used the Internet to turn himself from a struggling college kid into a millionaire at the age of 26. As one of the web's top copywriters and joint venture experts, he specializes in helping little guys succeed using unorthodox, street smart Internet Marketing strategies that cost practically next to nothing to implement.

Just 27 this year, Jo Han Mok will crack open the vault and show you:

  • What the Internet Millionaire Code is and how you can generate an outlandish
    fortune online when you have this code at your fingertips

  • What really gets people to say "Yes sir, no sir, here's my credit card number

  • How to double, triple and even quadruple your income while having MORE
    time off

  • Why it's possible to succeed online regardless of your race, sex or religion
    and even if you have an accent worst than Jackie Chan's

  • Sneaky secrets to have your products create themselves as if by magic! (And
    get people to PAY you for it even before they're created)

  • Secrets to engineering a buying frenzy



John Childers will teach you the greatest skill you will ever need in any business or economy.

What is it? It's public speaking. Or more to the point - how to SELL when you speak. And that means whether you're speaking in front of an audience ... talking person to person ... using audio on your website ... or even speaking to your customer through the words on your webpage.

In fact, what you say can make you incredible wealthy.

Even if you've never thought of looking at things this way, bottom line is, if you want to grow your business beyond the boundaries of your online business, you need to know how to speak... and how to sell.

John will reveal:

  • How to transform what you already know into persuasive speeches

  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes most public speakers make (even the pros)

  • How to squeeze-out maximum cash from your public speaking gigs

  • How to inspire your audiences to jump out of their seats and rush your product table

  • The secrets to selling like crazy from the platform without being offensive

John Childers has created countless millionaires and he is going to show you how its done through the words you say in public. Good news is, he makes it simple. 



Michel Fortin and Sylvie Charrier, who will be speaking on stage together, are not only partners in life, they are also secret weapons to some of the most successful Internet marketers in the world.
Michel Fortin is a multi-million dollar copywriter and owner of several successful websites. One sales letter recently produced over $1.08 million in sales in just 18 hours of its launch, while another recently generated over $889,218 in just 24 hours.

Sylvie Charrier is the “behind the scenes” strategist of many of the million-dollar marketers, as well as helping beginners - one client went from zero to making well over $60,000 a month within just 1 year of working with Sylvie.

Together they have discovered a unique system to make money by strategically combining several models together - pay-per-click ads, affiliate programs, sales sites and content sites.

They are currently earning several thousand dollars a day using this unique system, and will share with you and show you, step by step, how you can, too.

Now's your rare opportunity to listen to them live for the first time ever in the UK as they not only open their coveted bag of tricks, but also unveil many brand-new breakthroughs and tested conversion strategies they uncovered through scientific testing.



As one of the true pioneers in the internet marketing industry, Tom Hua operates his amazing global Internet businesses from Melbourne Australia and shares his unique strategies, proven by his own hands-on experience, for building personal wealth by leveraging the power of the Internet. Tom has already changed the lives of thousands around the world, helping them to become successful in their own Internet adventures.

Millions of people have visited Tom's websites, hundreds of thousands of websites feature his products and services. His own Internet Businesses generate millions of dollars in revenue each year, and are still growing steadily.

Tom will teach you how to put your website together step-by-step. He will also reveal the core formula that every successful website is based on. Good news is… he makes it as simple as 1-2-3 so that everyone can follow and duplicate.

On top of that, Tom is also going to teach you THE most powerful traffic generating secret that he (and almost every other big player) has used to become a top gun in his field (simply apply it for guaranteed results) . This technique alone will speed up your online success by up to 10 times .




Widely regarded as Australia's best sales letter writer, Brett McFall has written over 9,000 ads and sales letters for 153 different industries, creating million dollar marketing over and over again.

He's the creator of the super-easy "B.U.R.P.I.E.S." copywriting formula and top-selling software which helps you write powerful sales letters in just 30 minutes. He's also an in-demand teacher of internet marketing in the UK, Australia, Singapore and here in the USA.

Whether you're in business ... or want to be able to produce your own income at the drop of a hat while still working at a job ... Brett will show you the "magic keys" to create massive income using the internet. Good news is ... you don't have to have a technical bone in your body. You’ll discover: 

  • A little-known secret for making $500 a day on the internet

  • An amazing technique for making $1000 a day

  • And yet another way to make $5000 a week

Brett's presentation will open your mind and have you thinking in ways you never have before. PLUS... give you a skill for life – a way to make money by delivering massive value without massive effort.

His surfing lifestyle in Gold Coast, Australia proves it's possible to create thriving businesses by letting the internet do most of the work for you.

Wasn't it brilliant!!!! It was absolutely hands down the best, value for money, jam packed with information, well organized, totally cool fun time I have ever had at a conference. You guys rocked..Thank YOU! I have been working on the changes I need to make today. OOPs sorry, used the "W" word. But it does take effort! Thanks again guys ... for an excellent life changing event.


I thought this seminar would be “over the top” computer/geeky stuff ... and that it would not be explained in easy step-by-step fashion. Boy was I wrong.  It was so unbelievable it’s hard to put into words. Absolutely anyone can do the steps and make unlimited amounts of money for the rest of their lives. Thank you.

Samantha Peters

I knew this event would be the BOMB ... and it OVER-DELIVERED. The greatest seminar ever! It would have taken me literally years to learn what I have here in 4 days. All the speakers were great, and the event was complete CONTENT. Now I’m on my way to being financially free. Thank you World Internet Summit.

Abel Smallman

Unbelievable! I feel a level of motivation that I know will never run out. This seminar has opened my mind to the truly massive potential that the internet has to offer. I also feel that this has been the most enlightening and practical educational experience of my life. Thank you so much.

Nick Watkins

I wasn’t sure what to expect – I’d heard it could be a huge sales spiel. But World Internet Summit simply offered an amazing range of information. Excellent speakers and lots of heart. Everyone gave ... gave ... and gave again. Please just keep doing the same – IT WORKS!

Sarah Dawson Shepherd


Can you imagine knowing what these experts do?
 And what a difference they could make to your results?

What would it be like to meet them and advise you personally on your goals?

Just being able to listen to these experts ... AND ... being able to ask them any question you want, could catapult you towards your dream, couldn't it? I dare say the opportunity to meet these experts is worth the seminar price alone (apart from the lessons they'll teach you).

And by now you're probably wondering how much
it costs to attend World Internet Summit, right?

Well that's the best news of all. Because remember, between Thursday 14 September to Sunday 17 September you will witness something you WON'T see anywhere else in the world … and something you’ll NEVER forget.

During that extended weekend we will not just teach you how simple it is to make an extraordinary living by using this system... we’ll sit down and PROVE IT live in front of you.

Starting completely from scratch … and I mean
as if we were doing this for the FIRST TIME ever …


  • We’ll select someone from the audience
  • Create a proven information product for them
  • Put it on a new web site
  • Write some copy for the sales page
  • Create an offer
  • Apply our marketing secret…

And you can then sit back and watch us make…

A guaranteed $10,000 to $20,000 over the following 72 hours!

And the lucky winner could very well be you!

It could be you who walks out of that room 72 hours later with a CHECK for between $10,000 and $20,000 even though it will be the FIRST TIME you have ever tried it out.

So how can you secure your seat with Tom and I
and take part in this world's-only demonstration?

Well I know you may be worried about the cost of attending this event, especially since you know we have the world's best experts coming to coach you.

And you may also be aware that we regularly charge $1,997 per seat to our 4 day events. 

However, Tom and I have got a surprise for you.  Because we really do think what you will experience from September 14-17 is just too good for you to miss.

In fact, we won't be asking for $1,997 a ticket ...

Nor $1,497 a ticket

       Not even $1,197 a ticket.

            We have decided to offer you a place with us for just


But not for the first
3 VIPs from Brett's Blog
JUST $197!

And yes, even that $197 is backed up by a 100% NO RISK GUARANTEE!

Here it is:

You Are Protected By Our
100% Money Back Guarantee!

If after attending the full 4 days of  World Internet Summit ...

  • Surrounding yourself with the best experts in the industry ...

  • Networking with all the switched-on attendees at the event ...

  • Absorbing yourself in exclusive handouts and action plans for your internet success ...

  • Taking part in discussion and one-on-one consultation ...

  • Personally meeting and talking to the world class experts - and enjoying everything else that’s going to be on offer ...

... If by the end you feel in any way that you’ve been misled ... that you haven't got at least TRIPLE YOUR MONEY'S WORTH ... or that you haven’t learnt anything of REAL VALUE in any of the sessions throughout the weekend, this is what I want you to do:

Pull me or one of my organisers aside at the end of the event, and say “I tell you what guys, I’m not really sure this has been a good investment for me.” And without a single question, your investment will be refunded in full. Also, you can keep the materials ... the bonuses ... and the notes you will be given over the weekend ... FOR NOTHING as our apology for wasting your time.

So your worst case scenario is:

You get every single thing for free (your information-packed seminar folder,
the presentations, the advice, the "Internet Challenge" LIVE demonstration,
the contacts and more)
and you walk out of the event with your
$997 in your
pocket OR you agree that this has simply been a brilliant investment of your time.

Is that fair? It truly shows that we are serious about making sure you get good value, doesn’t it?





All you need to run a profitable business online is some simple pieces of equipment:

STEP 1) A basic laptop or computer with an internet connection

In fact, everywhere we go you'll see Tom and I pulling a small bag behind us. It's a laptop. But it's our complete business! That's all we need no matter where in the world we go - Australia ... UK ... Singapore ... Malaysia ... China - everywhere!

And you too could be running your business from a computer too. Even an internet cafe will allow you to check your sales.

Whilst learning to surf in June this year on the Sunny Gold Coast of Australia, I made $20,000 inside 5 days with just a single email and a rather ugly website. Then handed over every cent to a charity. Would you love to be able to do this too?

That's the sort of possibilities available to you because of the internet.

STEP 2) You Need A Website

This is where your customers buy your product from. So guess what? We'll give you 5,000 websites that you can use instantly!

This is a FREE Bonus that you pay nothing for. Our gift to you for attending World Internet Summit.

Next, you need:

STEP 3) An Email Account

You want to be able to find out when you have orders right? Well guess what? They come right to your email "inbox."

Emails containing $27 ... $47 ... $147 ... $297 - even more. There's nothing quite like checking your email and receiving these.

You can start an email account for free. We'll show you where.

STEP 4) A Product To Sell

You may already have a product you want to sell. Maybe you have an idea for creating a new one. And listening to our experts over the weekend will give you even more ideas.

But to get you started, we're going to hand you $12,000 worth of ready to sell products! That's right you'll walk away with actual product licenses - meaning you own the rights 100%.

Products which people the world over are happy to pay a lot of money for.

For instance one of the products you'll own is a BRAND NEW DVD product that sells for up to $997 and has NEVER been released in the USA before.

This is so hot right now... and is BRAND NEW.

Think about it... sell just ONE copy and you're $1,000 in the clear!

Sell two, and you'll pocket $2,000

Sell ten and take it easy for a while - you've got a nice $10,000 sitting in your bank account.

What's more, we're going to show you so many ways to sell products like this (over the course of the weekend) that you'll likely have TOO many marketing ideas!

Not only that, but guess what
else we're giving you?

We'll give you the sales-copy to get started! Meaning you won't have to hire a copywriter if you don't want to. Normally you'd pay over $5,000 just to have this marketing material written for you.

But it's yours as our gift. A ready-to-go product ... and sales copy to help you sell it!

We'll even have a representative in the room who can arrange your product fulfilment for you! This way you can drop-ship your product to your customer. You'll have no stock to keep ... no products to make up ... and nothing to fulfil.

This fulfilment company can do the lot for you (and yes, we use them all the time).

And this is only ONE of the products you'll be given rights to. Exciting huh?

At last you'll have everything you need to get started on the internet

The ideas .... the marketing strategies ... the products ... the websites ... AND THE PROOF that it can be done.

All for just $997



And the earlier you register, the more BONUS gifts we will give you

We're constantly on the lookout for people with great ideas for internet businesses. That's why we want to work with you. And why we're allowing you to come at just $997 for the whole 4 days. We stand to make a lot more money down the track if we have committed people in the room ... people who we can partner with later on if we help develop their online potential.

It's also why it's worth our while giving you EXTRA value too. Which is why we offer you these gifts below ONLY if you register right now. And the earlier you order the more gifts you will get between now and the event. Order late and you'll miss out - that's a promise.

Here's the minimum of what you stand to receive by registering today:


A Step-By-Step "30 Day Roadmap"
Which Tells You Everything You
Need To Do To Get Started NOW

I'm not sure if you're aware or not, but co-founder of World Internet Summit, Tom Hua is one of the pioneers of 'internet marketing.' He's such a quiet achiever that most people don't realise what a huge impact he's had on all of our futures.

Well  I pushed him and pleaded with him for his "take" on what every beginner should know if they want to get it "right" from the very beginning. Gladly he accepted my prodding and created this completely invaluable 30 Day Roadmap. And just like I thought, it's the most easy and logical plan you have ever seen.

You should literally treat this 30 Day Roadmap like GOLD. Don't have someone else read it for you ... don't file it in a folder to read "some day" - devour it IMMEDIATELY and see the fast track to success on the internet. In fact, follow Tom's exclusive plan and you simply cannot fail. And that's quite a promise - but it's absolutely true.

Completely Invaluable - YOURS FREE



How To Create A Webpage Even If You're A Beginner And Don't Know A Mouse From A Modem

What if creating a webpage was actually easy?
So that getting yourself online was possible for you even if you're a complete "newbie."

Good news is - IT IS!

We'll show you the simplest way to do this with a guide that you can refer to as you go - with easy instructions and plenty of photos - so learning is quick and easy.

$97 Value - YOURS FREE!



5,000 Quick & Easy Website Templates

Which means, forget about hiring an expensive website designer. Forget about trying to design your own webpage - WHY BOTHER? We'll give you 5,000 webpage templates that are yours to use FREE!

Do you know what it would cost you to have someone design these for you? Some designers charge up to $3,000 per site. Even more. So even if we value these pre-designed templates at just 25c each - that's still $1,250 worth of value - FREE. And you'll never have to design your own web page again.


Do you know how much time these will save you? Just add your text and you're off! 5,000 expertly designed templates with hundreds of different colours ... designs ... formats ... and themes - YOURS THE MOMENT YOU LEAVE THE EVENT!

$1,250 Value - YOURS FREE!



Special 40% Affiliate Program

No-one else gets this deal except attendees of World Internet Summit. Simply, as an attendee, you get 40% Of The Ticket Price for any person you refer to us who registers for the seminar on a full price ticket. And we give you every tool you need. Not a bad way to recoup some ... or all ... of your investment BEFORE you even set foot in the room, right!  ONLY ATTENDEES GET THIS OPPORTUNITY.




1 BONUS Ticket To World Internet Summit USA!

Okay, what's better than coming to World Internet Summit on your own?

Coming with a partner!

So we are going let you bring a friend to World Internet Summit in Las Vegas USA, September 2006 at our cost (limited seats only).

You'll get a chance to share the excitement of this event in one of the most amazing cities in the world - Las Vegas, USA. You'll get 1 FREE World Internet Summit USA ticket for every ticket you buy to this event.

And yes, even your partner could be the person who wins our "Internet Challenge"


(Note: we can only make this bonus available to a limited number of people - so register now to avoid disappointment)

$997 Value - YOURS FREE



Special NEWBIES Day Included for FREE

This is something that NO other seminar offers. On the first day we'll take you through the "baby steps."

Introducing you to what the internet is all about... how much opportunity is available (wait till you see the amazing statistics) ... what you can sell online ... the EASIEST products to sell online ... what all the "nerdy" internet terms mean...and a lot more. All made fun and easy to absorb.

In fact, I'll take you through this personally. My session is called "Internet ABC's".

Then Tom Hua will take you through the next step.

You'll be shown "How To Design Your Own Webpage." Step-by-step you will see how it's done. Yes, it might be hard to believe, but you can do your own design. You don't HAVE to. But you can.

You'll see how we do everything from scratch. You'll see the software we use. The rules we always follow. What to do ... and NOT to do. And Tom Hua is one of the most experienced people in the world to show you. He was making money online before ANY of the experts were.

$297 Value - YOURS FREE



Ready-Made Product Resale Licence To A Completely Brand New DVD Product

We have NEVER made this available before in the USA. You'll walk away with literally the mother of all BONUSES. A ready made product for you to sell after you attend this seminar. A product that you can sell for between USD$697 and USD$997.

This is so hot right now... and it's BRAND NEW.

Think about it... sell just ONE copy and you're $1,000 in the clear!

Sell two, and you'll pocket $2,000

Sell ten and take it easy for a change, with a nice $10,000 sitting in your bank account.

What's more, we're going to show you so many ways to sell products like this (over the course of the weekend) that you'll likely have TOO many marketing ideas!

Not only that, but guess what
else Brett and Tom are giving you?

We'll give you the sales-copy to get started! Meaning you won't have to hire a copywriter if you don't want to. Normally you'd pay over $5,000 just to have this marketing material written for you.

But it's yours as our gift. A ready-to-go product ... and sales copy to help you sell it!

We'll even have a representative in the room who can arrange your product fulfilment for you! This way you can drop-ship your product to your customer. You'll have no stock to keep ... no products to make up ... and nothing to fulfil.

You'll receive:

  • A world-wide license to sell this product and keep 100% of the profits

  • A professionally written sales letter (this would normally cost you $5,000)

  • A professionally designed web template ready for you to upload to your own server so you can start selling immediately

  • A professionally shot video product containing over 32 hours of amazing content that people the world over are desperate for (this would normally cost you $20,000 to film and edit)

  • A licence to allow you to sell this product offline as well

Licence Value $5,000 - YOURS FREE


So how does that sound?

We're truly loading you down with reasons to come aren't we?

Well besides all this, what we've also done is make sure you get real, tangible "dollars in the cash register" value.

We'll arrange for motivated people who are ready and eager to do joint ventures ... to write your sales copy ... to design your web page ... to build your list of customers - TO BE IN THE ROOM FOR YOU TO MEET!

We'll have a special area set aside so that you can meet them on a one-on-one basis if you want, and see what products or services are available.

You should know that an attendee made a $1,000,000 joint venture deal in our private area last year. THAT's how powerful this special area is.


We'll also have a few million-dollar copywriters in the room who you may want to use in the future. These guys are worth their weight in gold. And their copy can literally sell $500,000 inside 10 days - so asking these experts the right questions could make you a ton of cash.

Now...before you go ahead and secure your seat at this
unique event, let's make one thing very clear:

While the bonuses are great ... and ensure that you get massive value for your money ... please don't let them take your focus away from the main thing which will be happening on September 14-17 in Las Vegas:

In front of a LIVE audience, we are going to PROVE that you can give up your day job and this year begin creating your own dream millionaire lifestyle with an amazing internet business.

How? By sitting down with you and making $10,000 to $20,000 in 72 hours in front of your eyes starting with NOTHING but an idea.


And when we're finished, we'll hand over the profits to the lucky person chosen for this "internet challenge" (it may be you!)... and you will walk away knowing how every single part of it was done.


And if it's you that is selected, you will walk out of the venue with a  CHECK for between $10,000 and $20,000 - not bad for a first time, huh?

We invite you now to attend this weekend which will see you own:

  • A copy of the full system we use to make between $10,000 and $20,000 for one lucky attendee

  • The knowledge of 10 of the world's best internet marketers (who you'll get to meet personally and answer your most pressing questions)

  • A Step-By-Step "30 Day Roadmap" which tells you everything you
    need to do to get started NOW

  • Our exclusive course, "How To Create A Webpage Even If You're A Beginner And Don't Know A Mouse From A Modem"

  • 5,000 Quick & Easy Website Templates (to save you designing them yourself or paying hundreds of dollars to someone else)

  • 1 BONUS Ticket To World Internet Summit USA! (valued at $997)

  • Special NEWBIES Day Included for FREE (valued at $297)

  • Ready-Made Product Resale Licence To A Completely Brand New DVD Product (valued at $5,000)



Now to take part you really must decide now

And that's not a sales pitch. Over the past 12 months, our events in Australia... UK ... China ... Hong Kong ... Malaysia and Singapore have ALL sold out way ahead of time over the past year. Our event was even featured on television. That's how big it's getting.

So when I say "register now" - you should. It's only YOU that can miss out. And we won't be back in the USA for another 12 months.

Wouldn't it be stupid to be in the same position in 12 months time as you are now? When focusing for just 4 days could change everything?

Wouldn't you rather be the person making money from what we teach, than reading about it or seeing someone else holding up our CHECK for between $10,000 and $20,000?

Well if you'd prefer to be on the beach in Hawaii with your family and earn more money than when you were at home ... making money while you kick back in Fiji (sipping cocktails by the pool as you check your email for new orders) ... skiing in Switzerland ... or hiking in the Rocky Mountains RATHER THAN battling the peak hour traffic, then register to attend World Internet Summit USA right now.

We can show you how to lead the kind of lifestyle that you may have only ever dreamt of before now. We can show you the freedom ... the systems ... and the market secrets that will become common place in your new life.

A life where you can WORK when you want ... WAKE when you want ... and LIVE where you want. A lifestyle we'll prove to you LIVE on stage that you can have.


World Internet Summit

No Risk Special Offer for
Brett's Blog VIPs Only

YES! I Can't Wait To Attend World Internet Summit - USA! Please make sure I'm one of the lucky people who secure a seat at Green Valley Ranch, Las Vegas, September 14-17, 2006.

And because I'm ordering RIGHT NOW, please let me in at the private price of $197 and also include my 7 BIG FAT BONUSES (valued at over $7,641) that you promised me, okay?

  • I understand that once my order is authorised, you will process my order promptly and reserve my seat to this event.

  • I understand that you are going to allow me to bring a partner for FREE (while bonus seats last ONLY)

  • I understand that neither you nor anyone else has made any income promises as my success is dependent on my own efforts and that of my business.

Here's how to secure your seat IMMEDIATELY: 

One Payment: $997 Only $197 (Brett McFall VIPs only)

 (Your Reservation Will Be Processed Over Secure Servers.)

We look forward to meeting you in person and helping you change your life forever.


Brett McFall & Tom Hua
World Internet Summit

"Oh and I'll tell you what else we're going to do for you!"

P.S. This is something else that ONLY happens at World Internet Summit...

Our "internet mixers"


This is where we will have all the speakers meet you "in the round" for group "grilling."

Where you can have quick-fire access to these experts and put them under the spotlight.

It's like an interview process where YOU are the boss!

Great if you're shy and not sure what you to ask - there's always someone in the group who can dig deep for answers on your behalf. And for the expert ... there's no where to hide!

P.P.S. Remember... you're going to walk away with:

  • A copy of the full system we use to make between $10,000 and $20,000 for one lucky attendee

  • The knowledge of 10 of the world's best internet marketers (who you'll get to meet personally and answer your most pressing questions)

  • A Step-By-Step "30 Day Roadmap" which tells you everything you
    need to do to get started NOW

  • Our exclusive course, "How To Create A Webpage Even If You're A Beginner And Don't Know A Mouse From A Modem"

  • 5,000 Quick & Easy Website Templates (to save you designing them yourself or paying hundreds of dollars to someone else)

  • 1 BONUS Ticket To World Internet Summit USA! (valued at $997)

  • Special NEWBIES Day Included for FREE (valued at $297)

  • Ready-Made Product Resale Licence To A Completely Brand New DVD Product (valued at $5,000)




P.P.P.S. You know how "us" marketers LOVE "P.S.'s" right? But this is important. Because if you like, what you can do right now is earn a few bucks via our public affiliate program - where you'll pocket a handy 10% on any tickets you help sell to this event (using our own professionally written copy and expertly designed website).

Just CLICK HERE to join our public affiliate program.

Want more than 10%? Well you know what to do. Grab yourself a whopping 40% first tier, and 10% second tier by registering to attend!

(Please note: Any results are not typical and you may be less or more successful. Click here for earnings disclaimer.)


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